I found another use for my humminbird 595c!

November 9, 2008

I know it seems silly, but I figured that since my hummingbird 595c has a GPS system, I’d try it out on the street and not just in the water.

Well, guess what? It works! The darn thing works in the streets as well. Too bad I couldn’t port around the sonar! Maybe I could see through walls and people’s clothing… haha. just kidding.


Humminbird Fishfinder 595c review

November 6, 2008
I bought the Humminbird Fish finder 595c about a month ago, and I really like the device. A couple of things I 
wish I knew before I bought it, though: 1. It didn’t come with substantial maps, so I had to buy maps for the lakes
I fish in to get specifics for the combo GPS system that comes with the fishfinder 595c.
2. The Humminbird Fishfinder 595c comes with a GPS system AND a depth sounder – I had just bought a 
depth sounder a week before, and now I don’t need it! I also had an old GPS handheld system, but that’s
redundant now as well.
Remember, the Humminbird Fishfinder 595c is a COMBO system, including the GPS and the depth sounder.
That way you can sell off your old depth sounder or GPS on craigslist or something if you have either.
Just a tip to save yourself some money. Anyway, I always fished the old-school way by throwing a line
in the water, cracking open a beer, relaxing, and waiting. Now I’m sitting there, watching a computer screen
with little fish icons and numbers on them showing the depth, just swimming by!
The Humminbird Fishfinder 595c I bought has a 20 degree viewing angle in the water and I made sure to get
an external antenna so I’d get good reception. The system works really well – you can see fish waaaaaaaay
down deep, up to 1,000 feet it says. I’ve seen some at 200-300 feet, and I’m not fishing down there, so it’s
kind of spooky to have an x-ray fishfinder system where you can see into the water!
Anyway, all in all, the Humminbird Fishfinder 595c is a good device, I recommend it, and I know you can find
a good deal on it here. Before I bought it, I looked at buying the Humminbird Fishfinder 585c, the 535, and the 343c,

but I wanted the 5″ color screen, GPS, and depth sounder.

A great place to buy the humminbird fish finder 595c is here


hummingbird 595c fishfinder blog

November 6, 2008

humminbird 595c fishfinder

humminbird 595c fishfinder